Almost everyone today comprehends the importance of having an interactive,optimized and aesthetically pleasing website to achieve online growth and success. It doesn’t matter if you’re just setting up your own brand or trying to move your existing business online, it’s imperative that your website adheres to online UX, Design and Performance standards to succeed in today’s hypercompetitive era.

However, Google reports that even today 60% of small businesses worldwide do not have a website or any kind of online presence. This is a huge missed opportunity and handicaps these business owners in an era where almost every buyer journey begins online. This could be because many business owners look at a website as a huge expense rather than an investment. They are unwilling to foot the expensive bills that come with a developer custom making a website.

If you’re not keen on paying top dollar to a developer and are looking to build a basic website for your business, Wrap Pixel has launched an easy to use website builder that can help you put together a website in minutes. The best part is that it works entirely with ‘Drag and drop’ mechanics and you need very little if not no coding experience to tweak the interface.

WrapKit website builder tool is basically a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to building your own website. You can create brilliant designs using the tool’s drag and drop editor and experiment with a number of unique and attractive site layouts along with interactive web pages. Our website builder comes with a number of carefully crafted ready made live demos that can serve as inspiration for you to build your website. You can choose from a range of prebuilt demos including Corporate, Agency, Fitness , Freelancer/Personal website as well as a host of landing page options.

With just some tutorials and a bit of time investment, you can easily start creating web pages, designing brand’s elements, and integrating them into your site along with some appropriate and relevant content.

How to Create a Website from Scratch using WrapKit?

WrapKit is an online website builder that you can try out for free, so you can easily use them on your web browser without the need to download any complicated software. You can work on your website from any device and any place – all you need is an internet connection and a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome).

1.  WrapKit comes with an inbuilt library of pre-designed website templates, and you can start by selecting a suitable design template for your website.

2. Every pre-designed website template comes with certain ready-to-use elements and valuable content. So, you can click on these page elements and rearrange them with the help of a drag-n-drop editor. All that you need to do is just to drag and drop these page elements to the new position. You can also edit the elements and other pre built structures with the help of website editor.

3. You can now add new widgets and elements to improve your website. WrapKit website builder includes standard widgets and elements such as images, videos, blogs, contact forms, photo galleries, and social sharing buttons. In case if you’re building an e-commerce website and you need to sell products online, then you can easily add payment buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ and ‘PayPal’ with the help of builder’s editor.

4. Once you’re done adding and arranging all essential elements to your new website, then you can simply publish it to make it viewable online.

5. WrapPixel’s builder comes integrated with web hosting services, which means that you don’t need to purchase and set up your site hosting separately.

Why Use WrapKit Website Builder?

It is a well-known fact that all website builders are not created equal. So, what sets our website building platform apart from the host of options on the market? Well, here are a few critical pain points we’ve solved for our users.

Custom Domain & Branding – Your new website deserves an inimitable domain name, and hence, you should opt for a website building tools like WrapKit that allows you to use a unique domain instead of a URL extension.

Complete Content Ownership – WrapKit gives you complete control and ownership of your entire website data. So you can be assured that your content is not infringed or pirated.

Ease of Use – Our easy to use website builder is easy to use for even novice users, the drag and drop mechanics are intuitive and can be mastered with minimal effort.

Image Editor – WrapKit comes with an inbuilt image editor that will  help you to polish your images alongside using several preset filters and free stock images.

High-Quality Website demos – WrapKit has a range of high-quality and professional demos that can help inspire your website. You can just pick the demo that’s relevant to your industry and drag and drop until you’ve perfected your interface.

Quick Updates – WrapKit comes with the clean code and the latest updates, you can be assured that you’re using the best modern and minimalist templates on the web whenever you use our website builder.

Social Compatibility – WrapKit website builder allows you to add, link, and display various social media icons on your website in order to help your business connect with the target audience. Integrated social platforms will also enhance user engagement with your site, which will eventually increase the  traffic to your website.

What Comes Included in WrapKit Website Builder?

WrapKit website builder comes with an all-inclusive package of goodies including prebuilt demos, preset styles, and several ready-to-use elements. It also includes a domain name along with certified web hosting services and unlimited storage space.

a) Pre-built Website Demos – Scroll through a range of available demo options and pick the right template that best suits your use case.

b) Pages & Section customizations – Comes with 25+ Niche Homepages, 180+ Pre-Made Sections to choose from including products, and services page, blog posts, contact information, FAQs, and customer testimonials and more.

c) Videos and Images – Includes a library of videos and high-quality images that can be used for creating attractive headers and eye-catching backgrounds for websites. WrapKit also offers several tools through which you can embed HD videos and feature them on your website.

d) E-commerce Tools – Comes with in-built e-commerce plan that can eventually help you to create an online store alongside adding essential elements like shopping carts, inventory management, and payment tools to your e-commerce website.

e) SEO & Analytics – Offers numerous prebuilt tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Analytics Integration, and you can use them to drive more traffic and optimize your site over time.

Essential Features of WrapKit Website Builder

  • Built using powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit
  • Beautiful prebuilt demos to choose from (Business & Corporate, Cryptocurrency, Software Application, Charity Demo, Web Agency, Health & Medical, Real Estate)
  • 100+ ready to use Interface Sections
  • 3000+ premium font icons
  • Bootstrap powered NAV
  • 20+ Headers & Footers
  • 60+ Content Blocks, Features, and Modals
  • 40+ Forms, Sliders, & Banners
  • 15+ Portfolio & Teams
  • 18+ Pricing Tables & Testimonials
  • Highly responsive web layouts
  • Animate CSS
  • Modern and dynamic design patterns
  • Google Fonts
  • W3C Validation
  • Retina-Ready
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Speed Optimized

Just Drag and Drop – No Prior Coding Experience Necessary

WrapKit is perfect for bootstrapped startups or individuals who don’t have the big budgets to go for a full fledged custom coded website. It’s also perfect to create personal portfolios for photographers, freelancers, models, writers,  artists and the likes.

Works perfectly if you need to,

  • Create and launch a website quickly.
  • Don’t have adequate coding experience or tech skills.
  • Don’t want to decide on web content or software management systems.
  • Don’t know the right way to deal with site updates.
  • Have a small website designing budget.

Why Choose WrapKit?

1. Save Time – Website building platform like WrapKit allows novice users as well as developers to create good-looking, functional, and easy-to-navigate websites in just a matter of hours.

2. Error Free – Comes pre-coded with clean code and easy to use demos, and hence, there is very less room for errors.

3. Affordable – Far cheaper than hiring a professional web developer  or designer. You can create and take your website live for as little as $49.

4. No Coding Skills Required – You don’t need to be a web development pro or a graphic designer to use WrapKit website builder. You can use it with little to no coding or HTML knowledge.

5. Low Maintenance – Requires little maintenance or upkeep as they have been tested and tweaked over time and have served thousands of users well.

6. Easy Content Updates – You don’t need to go to your developer each time you want to update your content or change a few images. The website has a super easy drag and drop CMS that’s easily editable and intuitive.

7. Easy Uploads of Images and Video content – Simply drag-and-drop images to embed high-quality videos and images on your new website.

8. Endless Custom Options – Includes a lot of pre-designed templates and thousands of page elements, and you can use them to easily change your website’s theme, appearance, pictures, and background. If you have basic programming knowledge, then you can easily use the WrapKit website builder for accessing as well as customizing the source code of your website.

9. SEO and Content friendly – Our websites are indexed easily by various popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN as the design and layout have been optimized for SEO.

Get started now!

So. what are you waiting for? Every minute you delay your online presence is an opportunity missed. Build your website online using WrapKit builder and take it live in a matter of hours. In case you have any concerns, our support team will guide you through the entire process.