When building websites or applications for demanding clients, using a Bootstrap admin theme as a starting point can save a web developer or agency literally thousands of hours of work.

Most admin themes include several demo dashboards and example pages which are a great way to highlight what is possible and cut down on workload for simple projects. But where the best Bootstrap themes come into their own is in their provision of hundreds of UI components which can each be styled to create a bespoke dashboard tailor-made for each client.

Elegant Admin is one such Bootstrap 4 admin template.It is simply packed with time-saving features including more than 300 UI components.

Drilling Down on Elegant Admin UI Components

First of all, what are UI components? User interface bootstrap components are elements with which the end user interacts and which controls the experience they have when using the dashboard.

UI components add color, structure and life to a standard, vanilla interface. Here are some of the hundreds of components that you can access via the Elegant Admin template.


Whatever type of button you require, you will find them included: solid or with an outline; rounded, circular or square; split with or without a dropdown; grouped; vertical and more. Buttons can be of any color or size and can include text or various icons.


These are overlay elements which can be easily styled to perform different functions. Responsive modals have fields for user input and they can either be clicked or triggered via a button. There are plenty of different modal types and customization options included with Elegant Admin.


Bootstrap SweetAlert models are a specific kind of prominent overlay which are popular on many dashboards. They are suitable for various purposes from warnings and confirmations to information boxes. Text or icons can be added and alerts can be made to disappear after a period of time. Other options include Toastr notifications which display colored message boxes in certain portions of the screen to grab attention.


The Elegant Admin theme offers various types of text and paragraph formatting. There are six headline styles; left, center and right alignment; font weight; block quotes; text justification; address styles and various types of list options including fancy bullet styles.


The classic Bootstrap 12-column grid system can be customized easily via the Elegant Admin grid menu. Columns can be manipulated for optimal rendering on different types of device.


Tabs are a popular device on many websites, enabling users to quickly flick between views. They can be used to organize large dashboards without navigating between pages. With Elegant Admin you can choose horizontal or vertical tabs, add dropdown menus, incorporate icons, add border detail and much more.

User Cards

User cards are a new UI component for the Elegant Admin Theme. These are large cards which can be designed to include links and image overlays for accessing further user details.

Progress Bars

We are all familiar with progress bars, those indicators which tell us how long until a process is completed or what percentage of a task has been done.

Elegant Admin template owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to designing progress bars or skill bars. Depending on the client’s preference, progress bars can be vertical or horizontal, plain or striped, static or animated and can be of any thickness or color. Percentage or time values can also be displayed if necessary.


Does your client want a carousel (slider) on their dashboard? Will they need captions? How about navigation controls or indicators? Designers can fine tune these options easily with Bootstrap UI components.

List Media and Media Objects

Another new feature, Elegant Admin enables the creation of lists and media objects with the option to add links and icons and to disable items.

Much, Much More…

Other Bootstrap 4 UI components developers and agencies can access include timelines (horizontal and vertical); panels and wells; nestables; range sliders and stylish tooltips.

Extra Benefits for the Elegant Admin User

In addition to five demo dashboards (including RTL and dark Bootstrap 4 design system), hundreds of sample pages and hundreds more UI components, the Elegant Admin package offers developers even more value. For example:


No dashboard is complete without a variety of graphs and charts and there are plenty of options for developers to choose from including Morris charts, Peity charts and Sparkline charts.


Tables are a powerful way of organizing and displaying data and Elegant Admin includes both basic and responsive table options.


If your client needs one or more user input forms, you can easily meet their needs with Elegant Admin. From basic forms to more advanced form wizards, form pickers and validation tools, everything is ready to use.

Fonts and Icons

There are over 3,000 fonts and icons from well-known collections such as Themify, Linea and Font Awesome.


Elegant Admin applications extend the use of dashboards even further. Applications include interfaces for email, support ticketing, chat, contacts lists and a calendar.

Then there’s three-level dropdown menus, multiple file uploaders, widgets, galleries, WYSIWYG editors – the list goes on.

Taking the Next Step

Once you have checked out the live demos (accessible straight from your browser), you will probably be itching to build some example websites. WrapPixel have created a free dashboard template called Elegant Admin Lite. This is a stripped down version of Elegant Admin and is perfect for testing the water (please note, you can only create non-commercial projects with the free version).

When you are ready to design your first client admin dashboard, there are three license options to choose from. Most developers or agencies will benefit most from the multiple use license which will soon pay itself back. If you only intend to create one or two projects, you can purchase single use licenses while those wanting to create a chargeable SaaS product will need the extended license. All paid for templates come with detailed documentation and a year’s priority support.

As you should appreciate by now, the flexibility and time-saving capability of the Elegant Admin package makes this a wise investment for the savvy web developer or agency team.