We have been witnessing the epic growth in technology within a decade. But what excites us mesmerising ability and infrastructure that has been build up. And we have also experienced the amazing features of react templates that is widely used for different projects. If you press a rewind button and look back things looked so clumsy and unstructured that we were not able to focus on productivity. We were also not able to focus on innovation, conceptual ideas, growth hacks, and an optimized approach over the traditional approach. But today, things have drastically changed and we are enjoying the advantages to the maximum.

In the current situation, frameworks have been playing an instrumental role in diversifying developer experience. We have technologies, libraries, plugins, add-ons, elements, and other resources that have simplified web development with a minimalistic approach. Above all, front-end web development is significantly bringing the transformation with design, development, and conceptual ideas. This helps to create react template for websites. And all businesses always look for an optimistic approach technology stack that can enhance their work culture and reduce overall development cost as well as time. Currently, you have a wide range of frameworks that are agile and focuses on a modular design. But React.js has been gaining popularity ever since developers came to know about its significant features.

The inside story of React.js Library

So, the first question that strikes your mind is about the React.js library.

What is it? Why developers love it so much?

It will be too early to get into React.js discussion but let us first understand by the term “JavaScript”. In common language, it is a scripting language to hold dynamic web content for a website. Generally, dynamic web content means text, videos, audios, animations, images, forms, and whatnot. You can also create react js themes for website that add styling and effects for better user experience. So, in short, while visiting a website whatever events that are happening around while click on a button is almost JavaScript behind it. Fine, let’s get back to React.js discussion.

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library powered by Facebook. One of its secret sauce for getting such popularity is its huge strong community of developers. And you know very well when there are lots of like-minded behind one cause how amazing and thrilling it becomes. Usually, the React.js library is used for developing a user interface on a website. This is highly favourable for developing eCommerce websites. You can also create react admin dashboard template exclusively for eCommerce website that will enhance the design and responsiveness. Interestingly, this library was developed to build up large scale applications for different industries.

Today, React.js has evolved to be one of the most prominent library ever to be used and it’s still evolving at its best. Nobody knew back in the year 2012 that this library could be loved by thousands of developers when this was developed just for Facebook. Now, just think for a while such a small project that moment and today platforms like Airbnb, Instagram have been built upon this. Wow!!! It’s an amazing thing because you have lots of features to play with and develop an application for your venture or commercial projects.

The secret sauce of React.js Library

Today, if you ask any developer about React.js library, what they think? The answer would be super cool.

Why so?

The reason behind its popularity is its capability and versatility. As we discussed earlier, this library is extensively used for developing user interfaces i.e. UIs.

Do you know what that means?

It gives you extra space to create your interface with the help of elements like navigation menus, headers, footers, buttons, search bars, and other essentials. Being a developer you cannot always manually take control of a website. Especially, when you have multiple projects to handle simultaneously without any delay. There are widely free react website templates available that can be used all at once.

Another important aspect is the reusable library codes at various places within your projects. This largely saves time, helps to cut down cost, and of course energy utilized per project.

There are a few reasons why developers and businesses prefer using React.js:-

  • They are highly flexible to use across the websites.
  • You can breakdown the code into libraries and clean up the coding environment for more visibility and productivity.
  • It provides toolset which is open source and easy to use like Redux and Flux.
  • JSX (JavaScript Extension) which is a React extension creates a DOM that enables developers to easily arrange webpages and add dynamic web content.
  • Virtual DOM is something crated by React.js that identifies what are the areas within a Dom requires any further modification while an event is executed.

Moreover, React.js helps to react dashboard used widely for a different set of projects by developers around the world. You can even create web UI kits to get you going with hands-on elements and avoid creating again.


We looked upon how React.js library is changing the definition of web development processes with so much ease and convenience like never before. It offers a wide range of resources that you can easily implement and save hundreds of valuable hours. Isn’t it great? Well, you also explored the secret sauce behind React.js library and real reasons why developers love this. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and your love for React.js may have evolved even more intense.

Till then happy coding!!!