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There are many templates available for designing web sites but can be difficult to find when developers need to create back-end dashboards and admin panels. Sunil Joshi, Co-Founder of WrapPixel, tells us how they have taken over twelve years of experience as back-end designers to create drag and drop templates for various industries in four different frameworks. With an eye on up and coming frameworks and now offering free snippets and front-end templates, he tells us how WrapPixel aims to become a complete solution provider.

This interview was originally published on November 8, 2020.

What is WrapPixel?

WrapPixel is an online store that offers admin dashboard templates for designers, developers, and agencies.

There are many WordPress themes and other templates readily available for front end and website use, but not that many resources available for back-end/admin panel use. We created well-designed, ready-to-use, highly customizable, and flexible templates to help save developers struggling with well-designed admin panel, time, and money. Now, any developer can easily create and customize an admin panel or dashboard interface based on their requirements without needing a designer.

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