Looking for the top 10 angular material themes? You are at the right place. The internet is full of various themes and templates which help a developer quickly apply a general set of design rules in their application. With so many options at your disposal, it can be really hard and sometimes quite frustrating when all you need is a theme that matches exactly your needs.

When Google introduced the Material Design language at their annual I/O event in 2014 to “build high-quality digital experiences for Android, iOS, Flutter, and the Web”, the developer and design community were in much excited as it was open-sourced, adaptable, and can be quickly integrated into various products.

With that same notion, we collected the Top 10 Angular Material Theme Design for your next Angular project. Some of them are paid and some are free to download, but they offer some of the best designs.

Top 10 Angular Material Themes

Here is the list of the top 10 angular material themes. Take a look:

1. MaterialPro Angular Admin

angular material themes

Developed by WrapPixel, this is an Angular-based web app template that takes in the Material principles to give you a highly intuitive admin interface.

The entire template is highly documented so that you don’t need to search every time on how to update certain components or how to change the overall theme variables. Along with this, you get six months of support from the WrapPixel Team, Lifetime updates, PSD, and XD files included for free.


  • 6 highly customizable demo variations – mini sidebar, horizontal, boxed, RTL, dark mode.
  • 9 ready-to-use and powerful application designs – calendar, email, chat, notes, employee.
  • 50+ Angular components.
  • 100+ page templates.

Pricing: From $39

2. Fuse – Angular 11+ Material Design Admin Template

From Evanto Market, the Fuse Angular 11+ template is a powerful and professional admin template for your web apps, CMS, or admin panels.

Whether you’re already a pro at Angular or a newbie, there is a great set of documented files, and flexible template layouts to make a simple single-page app or a more scalable one with multiple routes. If you need to switch between the pages. This is entirely based on the Angular Material UI Library. You get free lifetime updates, premium support along with PSD files.


  • 20+ page layouts.
  • Dark and light color themes.
  • Custom color management.
  • Based on SCSS.

Pricing: From $28

3. Material Admin Angular

From Bootstrap Dash, the Material Admin Angular template has multiple pages included along with quite a sober color palette which adds a bit of a clean UI look to your dashboards.

Based on Angular 8, you get a highly customizable dashboard design, with developer-friendly code. It strikes out from others with its unique clean look. It comes with three packages, Regular – Single Site, Developer – Multisite, and Extended. You get 1 year of premium support and a 7-day money-back guarantee with multiple licensing options.


  • Lifetime free updates.
  • Angular Version 8.
  • 6 variations – Default dashboard, Forms, Slider, Charts, Buttons.
  • Clear design.

Pricing: From $25

4. Materil – Angular Material Design Admin Template

We are back at Evanto Market. Materil comes with both Angular JS and Bootstrap 3. So if you’re into designing your web apps with Boostrap, then this might be the right template!

This comes with cool features like nested views, routing, and lazy loading for a large project. The interface is built with Angular UI, and as it used Bootstrap, it comes with much less CSS code as compared with others. The entire package comes with future code updates, and 6 months of full support from the developer.


  • jQuery plugins included.
  • Lazy loading.
  • Grunt tasks.
  • Browser dependency management.

Pricing: From $20

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5. MaterialPro Angular Lite

Wrap Pixel’s MaterialPro Angular Lite is the free version of the MaterialPro Template.

This comes with a high-quality modular design that is easy to customize along with lots of beautiful UI elements. The design has been tested across a variety of devices making it fully responsive. It has re-styling plugins to craft consistent web designs and enhanced user interfaces.


  • Free lifetime updates.
  • 7-page templates.
  • 10+ integrated plugins.
  • Chart options.

Pricing: Free


NG-Matero is an Angular admin template made with Material components. The best part? It’s open-sourced on GitHub!

It’s a high-quality and highly customized admin template based on Angular Material Theme. It aims to provide more convenient business-based Schematics. If you’re a developer, then you’ll like how easy it’s to start with this template. You can install it in your Angular project with the following command:

$ ng add ng-matero


  • Material extensions.
  • Schematics support.
  • Authentication and internalization.
  • HTTP interceptors.

Pricing: Open-sourced

7. Vex – Angular 11+ Material Design Admin Template

The Vex is a material design template built with Angular 11 and Angular-CLI.

The entire template is easy to customize according to your needs. Navigation items can be added dynamically, and new pages can be generated by simply creating a new component with the CLI. The layout of each page is flexible along with being fast and lightweight.


  • Small bundle size.
  • Global SCSS and per component-specific SCSS.
  • 4000+ icons are usable with SVGs.
  • Angular Flex-Layout.

Pricing: From $24

8. Primer – Angular & React Material Design Admin Template

Primer is your choice of template which includes both an Angular and a React version with RTL support along with dark color schemes.

You can use this for a SAAS, CRM, CMS, or dashboard-based project. Other key features are translation support, offline and online documentation, etc.


  • Angular 8 and Angular 8 Material design.
  • AOT compilation.
  • 6 months of instant support.
  • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).

Pricing: From $20

9. Annular – Angular 11 Material Design Admin Template

The Annular template is a powerful Material Design admin template based on Angular 11 and Angular-CLI.

This comes with built-in example pages with ready-to-use elements with a high level of customization. Other important features like nested views & lazy loading routes and AOT compilation are already included with a bonus of 8 color schemes.


  • Angular dynamic menu.
  • ngx-datatable and ngx-charts.
  • Angular Perfect Scrollbar with drag and drop.
  • Full calendar, forms, and Google Maps.

Pricing: From $24

10. ArchitectUI Angular Admin Template

The Architect UI template aims to have perfect consistency, scalability, and modularity.

It’s coded with the native Angular 11 TypeScript code and made on top of @angular/cli, @ng-bootstrap, and @angular/material. You can customize everything with the 10 different dashboard styles available.


  • 50 unique elements and over 150 components.
  • 30 variations of chart boxes.
  • 10 different chart plugins.
  • 20 different form widgets.

Pricing: From $25

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed the previews of the different themes available for Angular Material Theme Design. The wide variety tells how popular these themes are and they are here to cover all the needs of your web app. Happy theming!