Loading time of a web page is an important aspect that you must take care of while building a website. Your website’s traffic highly depends on the page loading aspect.

The faster the page loads, the performance of your website will be better and it will also increase the audience. Hence, best website performance is essential. Since more and more people are bent on accessing the Internet through their mobile phones, your webpage should load fast on mobile platforms as well.

According to some surveys, information and data have been collected which will help you design and create a web page that will meet the needs of the users and will enhance the performance of website.

Website Speed problems are now common in many portals that needs to be corrected in order to get better rankings on Google.

What you should know about web page loading time

According to the surveys, the approximate time that the average number of users expects for a web page to load is 2 seconds. It has been seen that after 3 seconds of web page loading speed, users leave the website noticed that when page loading duration exceeds 3 seconds, visitors tend to leave the page. It has also been observed that a delay in loading by 1 second can lead to 7% users abandoning the website. This information easily elaborates the significance of web page loading time.

When it comes to mobiles, about 85% users want the website to load faster than how long it would take to load on the desktop. According to the observation by Google, the search for a website decrease affects the search of a user. Users who experience 400-millisecond delay perform less number of searches.

What can you do to improve Website Speed Problems?

As you can clearly see that the loading time is of utmost importance. If your web page loads slowly, you can put off a lot of users and that will seriously decrease your website traffic. Thus, you must work on getting a faster loading time for your website in order for your business or purpose to flourish. To do that, a few tips are offered that you may make use of.

Avoiding web hosting would be a good thing to do. Shared web hosting services allow several users to use the same server. The activity of one user can affect the website of another user. Thus, with shared hosting services, your website loading time may increase and the performance can also be affected.

You should work on optimizing the database. If you fine tune the queries, then you can avoid extra database queries or ones with big results. Apart from that, you can also optimize your images on the web page. That can largely increase the website’s loading time. Choose an image format which is highly efficient and do not include too many images that will take up a longer time to load.

Limiting certain components like JavaScript files, images, and style sheets can help. You can also compress your files with the aid of CSS or JavaScript and also enable the compressor on the server that you are using.

Wrapping up

Some of the important ways by which you can optimize the speed of your website are worth trying out. Decreasing the page loading time will help your website grow and the audience will increase too. A smooth running website is something that will attract users. You can check your website speed problems by running the gtmetrix run test to get better insights.

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