When most corporate activities are becoming digital, the necessity for high-quality software seems especially critical. It has been particularly noticeable during the pandemic. Businesses are increasingly opting for outsourced software development companies seeking assistance in producing exceptional digital goods at a rapid pace. And there are compelling reasons for this.

Outsourcing development operations to a third-party IT partner considerably simplifies essential business process management. The service provider will put technology solutions in place while assuring their quality, speed of execution, and cost-effectiveness. 

Today, we’ll discuss what services are provided by outsourcing development companies, explain the reasons for choosing this approach to work, and tell which countries are top outsourcing destinations.

Why Should You Consider Hiring an Outsource Software Development Company?

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As previously stated, one of the primary motivations for working with a software development outsourcing partner is to lower product development costs. However, this type of cooperation is gaining popularity for several other reasons, resulting in global economic and social behavior changes. Studies suggest that from 2021 to 2026, the IT outsourcing industry will grow by 4.5% annually. It indicates that an increasing number of businesses choose to delegate software development tasks to third parties.

So, let’s look at some of the other reasons companies prefer outsourcing.

  • No Need to Recruit and Retain Staff

The selection of relevant staff is a long and laborious process. Businesses require qualified personnel, and locating people with the right skills and expertise takes time. That is why choosing the right outsourcing partner will greatly facilitate this process. Furthermore, all employees will be trained and maintained by a third party, which is an advantage to businesses.

  • Access to a Large Talent Pool 

It is one of the main reasons why companies choose to outsource. After all, you may employ the candidate or the entire team with the required particular talents this way. What’s more, you may select an outsourcing partner with relevant experience in your field right away. It frees you up to concentrate on your company’s core procedures; while the outsourced team completes the software development projects for you.

  • Scale the Company Quickly

You may boost your company’s efficiency and extend its capabilities with the help of an outsourcing partner. As previously noted, the employment procedure under such a cooperative model is quick and smooth.

  • Suitable for Both Fresh Startups and Established Companies

Regardless of their size, businesses turn to software development outsourcing services. When a small business has to implement a technical solution fast, it might employ an external vendor. Benefits in terms of money are also essential here. Big companies, in turn, require large-scale development teams, which, as we all know, may be outsourced.

What Kinds of Services Do Outsourced Software Development Companies Offer?

Now that you know the primary reasons for outsourcing development processes to a third party and may be considering doing so – let’s look at the services such organizations may offer. We’ll say right away that there are many such services since the companies providing them typically cover the entire cycle of software product creation.

  • Recruitment

The outsourcing partner utilizes HR talent management software to streamline the process of hiring the workers you require, including posting job openings, checking test tasks, conducting interviews, and so on. All you need is to make a final decision on the candidates.

  • Web Development

You may locate a partner who will implement whatever decision you make. It can include the creation of online stores, online services, net banking, portals, promotional sites, and any other type of website. Developers can also help with web applications and content management systems integration.

  • Mobile Development

In the mobile development field, outsourcing IT companies provide a diverse pool of applicants. You have the option of selecting an iOS or Android operating system, as well as the product you require. The services can include the complete app development and its launch on the marketplace or the creation of an MVP. Some of the areas developers may specialize in are gaming, business, productivity, social networking, and delivery.

  • Software Development

You may outsource software development from scratch to meet your specific requirements. Developers will use current software development methodologies to design and implement any project they want.

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

You must secure the quality of your final product for it to function. It’s something that outsourced QA and QC experts can readily tackle. Quality assurance is a preventative process that guarantees developers adhere to all relevant procedures and standards when creating a product. Yet, quality control is nothing more than the process of evaluating the product’s final quality. These two techniques, when combined, will result in superb software.

  • Software Support and Maintenance

Once the development of your software product is complete, you constantly need to maintain its excellent performance. You can hire an outsourced team of IT professionals for that. They will provide software quality control, improve it if needed, and fix unwanted bugs.

  • UI / UI Design

The visual part of your product is also highly essential. And even more crucial is to ensure effortless interaction of users with your software. That is why you may hire outsourced UI / UI designers to give your apps a unique style.

  • IT Consulting

At some stage of development, businesses realize that they need a fresh perspective on the state of things. When it comes to development processes, there are specialists in IT consulting. They are, in reality, outsourced professionals that advise organizations on how to improve their operations and boost their efficiency.

We’ve discussed the core services offered by outsourced software development firms. However, there are many more options available; it all relies on the specifics of your intended project.

5 Best Outsourced Software Development Countries

Typically, many businesses outsource some tasks to specialists from developing countries. It’s owing to the availability of skilled professionals and relatively affordable pricing. We want to reveal the top five countries for software development outsourcing and the average pay rates.

CountryAverage Hourly RateAverage Annual Rate
The Philippines$4$8,395


Software development outsourcing is a convenient and cost-effective option for many companies. Businesses delegate tasks to third parties to recruit competent personnel, save money on development, and swiftly grow their company’s capabilities.

An outsourcing partner can provide many services related to quality software product creation, which is significant in the digital age. Therefore, it is not surprising that when companies consider building their software, they’re frequently opting for an outsourced collaboration approach.

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