Which will be the most popular web design skill for 2021? Find everything you know about this web design skill below, including how to use it in different situations. We have included even a complete step-by-step guide that is very easy to follow.

2021 is almost here but there is still enough time to learn this new skill. It won’t take you more than 5-10 minutes. What you will find below is not a skill for which you will have to read books or complicated tutorials, or play with software for hours. Everything will be made for you by software (100% free to use and no registration needed).

Why is important to learn new web design skills?

You might think that the main difference between the average web designer and the top-paid professionals that ask tens of thousands for a website is talent. For sure some talent is involved, but 99% of the difference is the hard work that successful people invest in their work.

In all domains, hard work makes the difference. Even for athletes like Michael Jordan, Simona Halep, or Mike Tyson. They all worked 10x more than everybody else.

The same goes for the best web designers from all over the world. They learn new skills constantly, they read books, they work 12-18 hours a day, but in real work, they don’t spend their time drinking coffee and talking over the phone, and for sure they don’t lose 1-2 hours per day on social media channels.

Learn new web design skills, get more efficient software, make the hard work, and you will become one of the best web designers in the world.

New web design skills will help you deliver better work much faster. Whether you are a freelance designer or work for a Website Design Agency.

The whole team thought a lot on this subject and the result was not surprising. After we had each made our own research, we each wrote a web design skill on a piece of paper.

We decided that the skill with the most votes will be the subject of this article.

Out of 7 people, 5 wrote the very same web design skill.

We consider that font identification will be the most popular web design skill for 2021.

Why font identification?

Fonts play a major role in our lives and companies understood this aspect.

Windows will soon let you fully configure fonts, Apple is already doing it, WhatsApp lets you customize fonts, and so on. Even PC Games are letting you customize nicknames with different fonts.

Probably we will have the option to change fonts on all our devices – TVs, PlayStation, Computers, Phones, Digital Book Readers, etc, but also on websites.

I would love to easily change the fonts on websites too.

This is the future and it will soon be here.

Fonts customization is a huge move in the IT world, and it started a few years ago.

Learn how to identify fonts and convert this skill into a habit. You need to know what fonts are being used with success on websites, email newsletters, presentations, PDF files, and even on walls in your neighborhood.

Use the fonts you identify on your own projects.

The right solution for font identification

Font identification is a very simple skill that you can learn in just a few minutes.

web design skill

It is simple because there are several web apps on the market but today, I will present you with the right one. This font finder tool, named WhatFontIs, is used by the whole planet, because:

  • It has the largest database by far – a massive 700k fonts – both commercial and free.
  • WhatFontIs is the only system capable of both paid and free font identification.
  • For each identified font, the system shows you 60+ free and paid font alternatives. This feature is extremely useful especially when you find expensive fonts. WhatFontIs will show you alternatives, even free ones.
  • The software is 100% free to use and you don’t need to register.
  • This font finder is extremely accurate.
  • The process is simple and straightforward. It takes on average 40 seconds to identify a font.
  • With WhatFontIs, you can identify fonts from the web (websites, newsletters, emails), but also from any picture you upload. This opens an infinite world. You can photograph all the texts you want and identify the used fonts right away, for free.

How to use WhatFontIs to identify fonts?

WhatFontIs can be used in 2 ways, depending on what you plan to do with the software.

To identify fonts from the web – websites, emails, newsletters, etc.

There are 5 easy to follow steps:

Step 1 – Install Google Chrome WhatFontIs Extension

Step 2 – Visit the website on which you saw a superb font that you want to identify.

Step 3 – On the upper right part of your screen, you will find the WhatFontIs icon. Click on it to activate the software.

Step 4 – Hover your mouse over the font you want to identify. You will find right away the name of the font.

Step 5-  “CLICK TO GET SIMILAR FONTS” and you will get 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

sitepoint example

It is that simple, and it also works with emails, newsletters, and almost everything on the web.

100% free to use, and no registration is needed.

To identify fonts from pictures

To identify fonts from pictures, you will use directly WhatFontIs website.

This feature is by far the best in the font identification market.

I played with it, and the software identified for me fonts from my motorcycle, my DJI drone, my printer, books, and much more. It is incredibly easy to use and accurate.

With this feature, you can identify fonts from any object. You need only a photo and an internet connection.

Optimize the Image

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to the WhatFontIs website.

Step 2 – Upload the picture with the font you like.

Step 3 – Crop the text if needed.

Step 4 – Optimize the image if needed.

Step 5 – Input the letters identified by the powerful AI software. (Registered users skip this step).

That is all.

WhatFontIs will help you with the following information:

  • The name of the font.
  • If it is free or paid (you will also get the price).
  • Where to get it from.
  • 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

The process is quick, 100% free to use, and you don’t need to register.

Give it a try.


Learn font identification and use it for your web design projects in 2021.

It is probably the only web design skill that is simple and quick to learn, and which will offer you a huge return.

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