Not everyone’s creative, and most of us have difficulty putting what’s in our heads down on paper. Let’s see Logo Design Tools details for the budget business. So, when trying to design a logo that acts as the foundation block of our brand, the vital image everything else relies on, we stand little to no chance of getting it right on our own.

Then there’s the psychology behind a logo, such as colors, shapes, and fonts, all with their subliminal messages. How are we supposed to know what to use and how to use it? Fortunately, we don’t need to know; we have options that can help us, four to be precise. Each one provides a much-needed service with various pros and cons and price points. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what they are and how they can help your budding business.

Logo Design Tools

logo design tool

Free of charge

Let’s cut to the chase, unless you know a designer who’s willing to create a logo for you for free, then there isn’t any such thing as a free logo.

Allow me to explain.

Firstly, almost every website that advertises a free logo service charges you for downloading your design in a high-resolution format, and JPEG, PNG, EPS, or GIF file types. All of which you need to use your logo on digital marketing platforms.

You could use the free low-resolution logo, but you’ll be telling everyone that sees it that you value your business at zero and it’s not worth their investment!

Free logo websites:

Some websites provide a free high-res logo, such as Canva, Hatchful, and Zyro, but the designs they provide are limited, and you have to do a lot of the work, such as choosing colors, fonts, and logotypes yourself. 

Take Canva, for example; it’s excellent; I use it regularly. However, I don’t use it to design logos because it’s not using AI logo design tool technology that provides market-related designs, and I’m not a logo designer.

Adobe Illustrator:

Another option is Adobe illustrator. If you know how to use this software, you can design a professional-looking logo, and they provide a free seven-day trial so you can play around before buying.

However, if you don’t, using free graphic software doesn’t make you a graphic artist capable of designing a logo that your business can depend on to attract your target audience.

Why a free logo isn’t free?

Due to the free availability of logo design tools, some people think a logo isn’t necessary or worth their investment; they couldn’t be more wrong.

If you choose this route, don’t expect your logo to work for you as it should, which will cost you dearly from day one.

Up to 150$

We’d all love to hire a design team, step back, let them do the work, and pay the bill once completed (and we’ll look at that option in a minute), but what if you can’t afford the price tag?

This is where an online logo maker comes into play.

A logo maker tool is free to use, up to the point of downloading, allowing you to design a logo using its selection of colors, shapes, and fonts.

While the basic version uses templates, the more advanced versions, such as Tailor Brands, use Artificial Intelligent machine learning technology that provides endless variations of shapes, colors, and fonts relevant to your marketplace and target audience.

Logo prices range from $10-$50, and some require you to sign up for a monthly subscription. All logos come in multiple file formats and are high-resolution, so you can instantly use them on any marketing platform.

 Some logo maker pros:

  • They’re a very affordable solution for budding business owners on a budget.
  • They’re fast; you can design, download, and have your logo on your website within 20 minutes.
  • They remove the need for designers.

Some logo maker cons:

  • As everyone has access to the same designs, the results can be generic. 
  • Customization is limited. While the higher-quality logo makers allow unlimited revisions, you are restricted to their libraries.
  • You’re dependent on the logo tool to help you design your logo; it’s not human, so expect limited assistance.

While you’re not getting a truly bespoke logo, online logo makers play an essential role in enabling start-ups and budget-strapped businesses getting a logo that’s usable on multiple platforms. And as technology advances, so does the quality of the logos they provide.

Up to 500$ (logo design contests)

If you want a designer to create your logo but cannot afford a design agency, there are thousands of freelancers available and waiting to work on your project.

You can hire them directly from freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr, but that requires time to research the platforms to find a suitable designer based on past assignments. Even then, you can’t be sure they’ll provide you with a logo that suits your brand’s ambitions.

One way around this is to run a logo design contest.

A logo design contest is a competition where a global community of designers provides multiple logo designs based on your brand brief.

How a design contest works:

Start by making an account on your chosen design contest platform, from logo design tools content sites like Crowdspring or 99designs, following the instructions, submitting your brief with the amount you’re willing to pay, and launching your contest. Obviously, the more you’re ready to pay, the higher the interest will be, and as with all things in life, if you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

Once your contest is live, interested designers will begin providing designs based on your brief; all you do is sit back and wait.

You can interact with designers throughout the contest, enabling you to request changes and advise the direction you’d like their designs to take. Once you’ve got a design you want, you declare a winner and pay for your logo.

Logo competitions are a risk-free way of having multiple logo designs created for your business by professional designers. So, even if you don’t find the exact logo you were looking for, you’ll get tons of examples that you can use going forward.

Over 1000$ (branding agencies)

Your last option is to employ a design agency to create your logo, and while they are expensive, if you can afford to hire one, they are worth every cent.

A design agency is a company that employs highly trained and experienced designers that specialize in different fields, such as marketing and logo design tools. Their teams work closely with you to help build your entire brand based on your brand’s story, marketplace, and target audience.

Rates and schedules differ from agency to agency, but you can expect to pay as little as $2000 for a one-off logo and upwards of $10,000 for a complete branding package.

Where does your money go?

When you employ an agency, you will be assigned an account manager who’ll work closely with you throughout the design process. The length of the process depends on your branding needs, but expect it to take no less than one month.

They’ll begin by conducting market research and include computer analysis to ensure your logo stands out and connects with your target market. You’ll need to be available to provide detailed descriptions of your brand and where you want it to go in the future.

And keep an open mind as often the direction they’ll take will not be something you’ve thought of, but you’re paying them for a reason; they know what works.

No two agencies are the same. Some provide a complete branding package, while others focus on certain brand elements. Also, look for one with a proven track record in your chosen market niche, as it will make the process easier for both you and them.

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