At first glance, the sheer number of dashboard variations available with WrapPixel’s Xtreme Admin template may seem daunting. You might be asking whether you or your client might face ‘analysis paralysis’ as you decide which is the best option for your website or app project.

In fact, if you approach the project in the right way, Xtreme Admin can actually save you time. Here’s how:

If a client comes to you with a creative admin dashboard design request, you will need to browse admin templates with them anyway. After all, it is unlikely that you will find one single dashboard to suit everyone. When you and your client have chosen a few to demo, you then have a learning curve as all designers will present their templates in their own way. This is all very time-consuming and eats into your profits.

Compare this method with selecting one of the ten dashboard variations from WrapPixel’s Xtreme Admin template.

Even the most discerning client is likely to find a variation close to what they are looking for and you will already know your way around the template so can quickly and easily show them what customization options there are.

Using Smart Questioning to Narrow Down Options

The faster you can start working on a design, the more productive your business will be, right? The trick when meeting a client for the first time is to quickly work out the kind of dashboard they are looking for. This can be broken down into what it does and what it looks like.

First, ask your prospective clients what kind of things they will need to measure or monitor. For example, are they mainly interested in web traffic or revenue or will they need to have both in clear view? Will they be using their dashboard to chat with their customers, respond to social media comments, compose emails or keep an eye on email campaign performance?

Next, you can quiz them on style. Do they like dark or light themes? Are they expecting to see plenty of charts and tables or a collection of cards? Do they want to include a real-time element?

By familiarizing yourself with the dashboard variations on WrapPixel’s Xtreme Admin template you will quickly be able to use your client’s answers to narrow down their options. The more you use the templates, the faster you will get. Isn’t this faster and better than having to browse multiple premium admin templates every time you start a new project?

Why Careful Coding and Fast Support Matters

WrapPixel are committed to doing everything possible to speed up your clients’ journey from initial chat to project completion. We know that debugging code is an unwanted and time-wasting process so we take care to write clean W3C compliant code to reduce the need for fixes to a minimum.

You will also find that we have presented the code for UI elements and other features very clearly, enabling you to see at a glance which lines of code correspond to which element. This is sure to speed up your customization process (it’s almost like you were painting by numbers!)

Nevertheless, we understand that problems and questions may occur so we make sure our professional support team responds very quickly to all calls.

Examples of how to Sell Xtreme Admin Dashboard Variations

To help you to understand more clearly how the 10 dashboard variations supplied with WrapPixel’s Xtreme Admin Dashboard UI template can speed up your time to market, consider a client who has an e-commerce store and is looking to integrate this with a high quality dashboard.

In this case, you can immediately present the e-Commerce dashboard variation which prioritizes profit, sales figures, product performance, customer relationship management (reviews, etc.) and more. It even presents the information in a format an e-Commerce store owner is likely to be familiar with (e.g. product sales are represented by a shopping basket icon). Of course, you will have to customize the dashboard to your client’s specification but he or she is very likely to accept the starting point you have shown them, saving you minutes or even hours of template browsing!

Here is a second example: Imagine a client who runs a cryptocurrency exchange comes to you wanting to build a dashboard for his or her business. You can quickly show them the basic Crypto dashboard variation which highlights exchange rates, performance and trade history while offering an easy way to order or exchange cryptocurrency. Most of what this client would ever need is already present and the rest could be easily tweaked due to the extensive customization options.

Multiple Styles Available

In many cases, the actual content of the dashboard will be generic. Perhaps the client needs to keep an eye on sales and revenue figures, campaign performance and web traffic but is more interested in how the dashboard looks.

Here is where you can quickly cycle through the various style options, comparing, for example, the Classic, General, Trendy and Modern variations. For those who like dark themes, the Sales Dashboard might appeal and can be customized to show the information they want. Some of the dashboards (e.g Analytical Dashboard) include an impressive real-time tracking chart which is sure to appeal to those customers looking for dynamic real-time analytics.

You will also be able to explain how sidebars and headers can be fixed, moved or otherwise altered to appeal to the client’s preferences as well as showing them the various apps they could have installed for them (email, ticket system, calendar, etc.).

And when it comes to showcasing the various buttons, icons, modals and other UI elements, your clients will see for themselves just how adaptable the Xtreme Admin template is.

Again, the more you use this flexible template, the faster this process will become.

The Verdict

Now you should be able to appreciate the many advantages that using one high-quality template with multiple dashboard variations can bring to you and your clients’ projects. With a multiple use license available for under $70, any initial outlay you make for the WrapPixel Xtreme Admin template is sure to be paid for many times over through increases to your operational efficiency.