WrapPixel is an organization that was established with an objective of designing and creating awesome user interface for their products and applications so as to reduce stressing web designers, agencies and web developers. Another of its objective was to save time and the huge amounts of money they had invested in creating designs for their projects. They offer Premium bootstrap admin templates which one has to pay a certain amount of fee as one time. Also offers free web templates, which are absolutely free to download from their site. Apart from admin templates they also offer Angular dashboards and UI-kit, all of which you can also get free as lite version.

The best thing with WrapPixel is that all their bootstrap products confirm with twitter bootstrap framework since they are ultra responsive based which helps the products of the clients using their templates to be appealing to view in large or small screen devices. Their admin templates are tested fully with their software versions which are the latest to ensure that they are safe from bugs. Their team is also amazing and they have together integrated their skills and even managed to design award winning templates that are acknowledged globally. Their team also ensures that their coding is accurate, are of very high quality and most importantly easy to use by their customers. They also sell their templates at very reasonable prices and even have free templates which are also amazing and also have ever active customer support. They also frequently launch new items that can be used by designers and developers in their projects. The thing that I find most interesting with WrapPixel is that they provide free lifetime updates to their products whether free or premium.

Free Dashboard Templates from WrapPixel

In this article, we will try to look into some of the professional website templates free download html with CSS for designers that are available on Wrap Pixel. These templates are free with angular dashboard framework, material and bootstrap 4 and include the following:

Xtreme React Admin Lite

This is an appealing template of 2018 that is carefully hand crafted. It has many components which have been created to perfection.  Modular and modern designs are some of the factors that are considered in building this template which is free to download and even use in your personal projects. Wrap pixel, however, recommends that for anyone intending to use the template for commercial project, they should buy the Pro version which has a lot of amazing features. Some of the features of this free version include: unique color options, 7 page templates, react version, easily customized, font awesome icons, grid and pagination, UI components fully responsive pages and other amazing features.

Nice Admin Lite

This is also a free to download Bootstrap responsive website template that was created in 2018 and one can comfortably use in personal project. Some of its amazing features include basic data table, 7 page templates, Bootstrap4, Error 404 page, Google map, modular design board, UI components, font awesome icons, fully responsive pages, among others. .All these features contribute to one thing or the other in the template. For instance, material icon and font awesome icons help to create a favorable developing environment while basic table example such as the basic data table ensures that data is displayed clearly.

AdminPro Angular 12 Admin

This is also another simple website template for beginners among free html templates 2021 to download admin template just like the ones stated above. Some of its features include unique color options, font awesome icons, fully responsive pages, easy to customize, 7 page templates, Angular 7, awesomely designed components and SaSS base CSS.

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

This is also a free admin template that is built with modular design and downloading to use for personal use is absolutely free of charge. Like all other free and premium templates of WrapPixel, it has the benefit of lifetime updates. It is however subjected to various limitations just like most free templates such as no support is provided and the fact that you can only use this template for personal purposes. Just like other free templates it has various features such as unique color options, font awesome icons, fully responsive pages, easy to customize, 7 page templates, bootstrap4, data table examples and SaSS base CSS.


Free websites admin templates that are available on the Wrap Pixel web page are many and easily accessible.  I have therefore selected just but a few free templates but bear in mind that there are many more other free templates. One can therefore download the admin template of his choice for free on the Wrap Pixel site and start using it to design a personal project. For complex projects, however, one should consider upgrading to premium templates since they have better and more improved features compared to the free templates.