It is easy to get confused about a free template and a paid admin template therefore we have posted this blog to make you understand the difference between free and paid admin templates. If you ARE new to the online world, then you may have a lot of queries since there are several options open for you. Building a good knowledge base about both types of templates is very important.

Some information about free admin templates

Free admin templates are available in open source control management systems. In simpler words, anybody can access it and make modifications. There are free plug-ins and widgets that you can install. You can also modify and customize it in your terms.

Premium admin templates or HTML templates are a closed source. Thus, you have to be a coder or a developer to access them and make the required changes and modifications. This is a limitation but it has been diminished by the ready-made HTML templates.

How do WordPress and HTML templates differ from paid admin templates?

To create blogs for personal or commercial purposes, WordPress is used. When you get a free admin template already made by WordPress, you can make the modifications according to your needs and criteria. The first thing that you should take a note of is your requirements. Then search for the template that suits your purpose the most.

The advantage of free admin templates is that they are ready made and you can simply use them directly. You save a lot of time, money and effort. However, you must keep in mind that, like you, there are several other users who are also using the same template for their websites. Sure, the modifications that you make may be different from the others but the theme may be the same.

HTML templates, on the other hand, are ready made sites which are developed in HTML code. These templates are very easy to access and if you are not a tech-savvy, then this is the best option for you.

If you happen to hire a developer to create a template exclusively for your website, then you will be having your own and unique template. It takes time to find a good developer who will be making a template for your website. Then next thing is, it takes a good deal of time and money to buy the template.

The advantage is that you have a website template that is just for you. That adds uniqueness to your website and gives a sense of importance to your company or purpose. No one else will have access to your website template. It does take a good amount of money but you have the peace of mind.

Conclusion: Which template to go for?

First of all, decide the amount of time and money that you are willing to invest on your website. If you have both of them in abundance, then you can go for premium admin templates. But if you want to create a website in a really short time and do not have the need for it to be exclusive in the world, then you can go for the free admin templates.