The business of website development is a very complex affair with multiple platforms, languages, coding for the frontend, the user interfaces for the backend, and themes for both of them, and more. Here we would like to focus on backend operations of the website and the development of user interface or panels for routine administrative services. Admin Templates are essentially mock-up “design ware” for an existing admin panel of a website, so as to make it easy to operate it with ease.

At the same time, if a new website is being built, the focus is on developing the frontend leaving fewer resources and time for managing the backend. It is in these circumstances that popular angular admin templates are of great use to the developer or the business person to work on your own website.

Ideally, templates need to be feature-loaded, rich in functionality and aesthetics. This means that not everything will fit onto a website. For example, bootstrap themes can be incorporated in the backend of a website if it already has an existing dashboard. In this background, the list of some of the favorite admin templates used across projects is as follows.

Typically modern admin dashboard designs are based on Bootstrap 3 framework enabling mobile-first Framework development it also supports different types of widgets and extra components.

The top four performing templates include the admin Pro angular 6 templates, Elite angular 6 admin template, material angular 6 admin template, and admin Pro angular 6 admin template. The list of admin templates is developed by Wrappixel. Let’s look at the features of these four in the following sections.

AdminPro Angular 12 Admin

This admin template is for the professional developer since it is based on the CLI Web app which is based on the angular admin template. It is widely used for admin dashboards as well as control admin panels. it is fully responsive and is basically used on the strong angular Framework thereby empowering it to cater to the user needs and offers complete flexibility.

Angular is defined as a typescript framework and packs a library for a feature that ensures complex feature implementation in apps design for the responsive user interface. The advantage of this template is that it includes nearly 250 pages of template embedded with 30 and more user angular components. One can additionally use 3 unique dashboards apart from 5 unique demo libraries when presenting to clients and customers.

Initially, a user interface was developed for making applications Ahmad full in numbers and are based on the modular design structure thereby helping in customization. Applications with which it can be used include the mailbox compose composing emails new calendars and task boards. The UI element it supports includes editor, timeline, button, card, multi-file uploads, Model, notifications, pricing, tooltips, and even an invoice feature. It supports four types of forms namely the basic form, form validation, form type, and date picker.

This template is essentially for professional website developers and hence available for single-use multiple uses and extensive use in different price packages it includes quality rich templates one year of premium support and a lifetime of updates.

AdminWrap Angular 12

This template is for the regular user and the nonprofessional developer of the website. It is a fully responsive Angular 5 admin template that is developed oven and angular framework. This template supports nearly new pages, had 50 + ready-to-use angular components, three types of unit dashboards support demos for the client, and a variety of user interface components for the backend applications. The highlight is it includes a clean and creative landing page, light and dark color schemes, over 2000 font icons, and SASS base CSS. It works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge and supports updates for a lifetime.

Elite Angular 12 Admin

This template is made with angular 5 and has a fully responsive layout. It supports over 2000 font icons and is included in the elite admin package. It is fully responsive, and the entire layout of the elite admin is tested for this responsiveness. The website is easy to customize using 20 templates. In this package, there are three different dashboards that support 5 different Demos and have 6 predefined color skins. It also includes over 50 angular components and fully responsive pages. The number of pages it can support is nearly 200-page templates.

MaterialPro Angular 12 Admin

The angular dashboard is a robust, user-friendly template developed on the CLI framework which includes a unique user interface component as well as UI elements for quick applications. These are building the advantage of this template that these are reusable and tested for all glitches and easily accessible across every type of design.

The advantage of the angular materialpro theme is that it is how it implements Google material designs. It is useful for users because the test to dashboard and supports nearly 6 different Demos including horizontal menu version as well as a Mini sidebar version and dark version. In this template, the support is for over 200 pages along with 40 angular components. There are six predefined color skin and over 2000 font icons with special features. It makes the choice of user-easy and helps in changing skin for different projects as well as icon sets. It includes chat applications Calendar Applications, Email applications as well as light and dark color schemes apart from tables and forms.


Wrappixel Free & Premium Bootstrap Admin Dashboard are available in different varieties. These are ideal for creating a responsive layout and include elements that have to take on-screen sizes and ensuring the best user experience. By using the admin template for responsive design backend, admin panels are easy to develop and implement across websites. The above are only 4 of the template that Wrappixel offers and are the best angular admin templates 2019 which include a wider variety of different frameworks ensuring you always have the right choice at any point in time. Modular structure improved efficiency, productivity as well as ease of use which make the WrapPixel admin template for every Framework a useful tool in any stage of the website development.