Admin templates are a collection of web pages that are most commonly built in HTML. JavaScript libraries are other alternatives used by developers in building robust user interface typically for the backend of a web application. An example of such a template-based admin panel is Wrappixel.

Why do we need this type of pre-built pages in an application?

Most of the website administrator’s tasks are routine processes by nature. They have to be performed according to certain sequences or follow a certain protocol. These have to be done periodically, need a lot of precision and have to be done consistently.

These include regular day-to-day activities that are standard for any website. Maintenance of the website is always an ongoing process.  Apart from the management of the content generated by the user, checking on the installation of the software is a critical service.

Additionally, tasks include need-based operations such as the configuration of the website. Apart from these, the administrator will have to track the data that comes to the network via various inputs and the traffic or the number of visits to the website.  Using code populated admin panel templates by Wrappixel is a ready-to-go solution for every backend operation.

All of the tasks are highly monotonous but at the same time require great attention to detail. Errors in the tasks could result in poor performance of the website and affect the overall productivity of the website. Considering different scenarios in which administrators perform, it is vital that they have an opportunity to fall back on safe, tested and perfect tools. The solution for such challenges in the backend is Admin Templates.

What can be done with Admin Templates?

These are a ready-to-use prepared user interface that is designed following best webpage layout schematics and purposed for a user to pull these templates out of the cloud or the internet and run them on their implement it for their websites.

You can actually compare popular Admin Templates to factory-made products in any category for the direct consumption of the consumer. Wrappixel pre-prepares and packages admin panel as templates for easy, glitch-free usage in any website.

By using the admin template administrator, one is able to work efficiently ensuring the end-to-end management of the website effectively.  The advantage of using an admin template is felt best when the website is run on a tight budget, and one is in a resource crunch in terms of budget as well as having to develop code for such templates.

An admin panel is essentially a backend requirement as it also requires a lot of planning and preparation even before the coding stage. When a developer is in the middle of developing a website the focus is on the front end than at the backend. Therefore, it is for a seamless performance of the website, that a plug-in admin template with pre-designed themes can improve the website deployment.

In case of wrappixel templates, the code for the design is already developed by experienced developers who have the deep learning necessary for designing these templates.  The main focus of such coded designs is to ensure that the developed interfaces and programs deliver high productivity and efficiency.  Additionally, the design concepts can easily be integrated into any web application that the user wants to deploy.

An easy step forward for an administrator is to either buy an Admin template from an unknown publisher or download it from the internet. The design can easily be used for integrating into the backend and when not necessary discard it when you have moved beyond its utility.

Where and how to find the admin templates?

The admin templates can be found on the internet.  These are available in unlimited themes for different web application segments. From well-known developers, such as Wrappixel, to start-ups’, download-able templates are easy to find on the internet. On the other hand, there are techno geeks who have developed design or theme and layout that has been helpful to them and wanted others to benefit from it. They too make such templates for admin panels available on App stores or in forums and websites which are directed towards website DIYs.

Code components and HTML

After the user selects the theme or the template which meets the needs of their website it can be downloaded for further integration with the site. With the download, the HTML, along with the CSS and the related files are also downloaded. It will include necessary dependencies that are vital to launching the template.

Upon download, one can immediately start with the sample blank page of the template. It is left to the user to chose and applied necessary components and widgets from the template into the admin panel. The related code for the particular components as well as widgets has to be included in the HTML file. The contents should also be customized. The necessary change for the code is with respect to integration of the admin panel in the backend of the web application.


For the professional web developer, admin templates can be used for free and premium functionalities. WrapPixel is the trustworthy provider of best admin templates 2019. The premium template will help in saving money as it helps in excluding the cost of hiring a designer or the developer of HTML and CSS. Users can easily adapt the ready-use templates and introduce changes in terms of the code of design which is distinct to the User Interface and administration of the website.