Are you a web developer, web company owner or even a hobbyist looking for help designing a dashboard (aka admin area)? Are you looking to create something that offers a seamless user experience but that also looks amazing?

If so, then Angular awesome looking admin templates could be precisely what you’re looking for.

What is Angular (and why are Angular Admin Templates so Popular?)

Angular is a front-end developer framework. It is designed to help web developers to create applications and websites quickly and easily without coding from scratch. Angular is written in a form of Microsoft’s Typescript programming language and is led by the Angular team at Google along with a community of individuals and other businesses.

Using Angular templates offers developers several benefits over building admin dashboards from scratch. Prior to Angular, they would have to browse several different libraries to find blocks of code needed to perform desired functions. Then would come the time-consuming task of joining these sequences together and debugging. To make this laborious process cost-effective, the resulting best admin templates 2019 would have to be sold at a high price. With slow production and higher prices, it was difficult for smaller web companies to compete with those who could employ large teams.

Angular is built on a modular basis using dependency injection and other techniques to ensure cleaner, more easily modified code. Companies such as Wrappixel speed things up further by making pre-designed declarative Angular admin templates available for instant download. These include thousands of components which can be customized to fit the purpose of the website. These best admin dashboard templates are very popular with developers as they cut down on the coding needed, simplifying and speeding up development and testing. Web companies can then increase their turnaround time and output capacity while maintaining (and often improving) on the quality of the products they produce. Everyone is a winner!

Wrappixel offer affordable license rates for the use of our templates. In most cases, for under $30 you can use your template for one commercial or personal use template. For under $70, you can create multiple personal and commercial projects.

If you are a fan of Google’s Material design concept, Angular is the perfect framework for building an admin page to Google’s Material design specification. Material icons and other UI elements can be easily incorporated into your web build.

Angular Offers Cross-Platform and Multi-Device Compatibility

Another bonus with Angular simple admin templates free is that they are cross-browser compatible with all of the major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.  They are also responsive, adapting to the various different screen sizes on smartphones, tablets, PCs and desktops.

This is another time-saving feature because web developers don’t have to spend time adding extra code to ensure the final product renders on different browsers or devices.

Free and Premium Angular Admin Templates for Instant Download

If you are only looking to experiment with the Angular framework or complete one simple, non-commercial website for personal use, feel free to download our ‘Lite’ template versions which are 100% free!

For creating admin dashboards for commercial clients you will need to download one of our Pro Angular templates (Elite, AdminWrap, AdminPro, MaterialPro, Monster, etc.) and select either the single use or multiple use license depending on how many websites you will be developing from it.

There are also feature-rich mega bundles for even more options. These will include multiple dashboards and a combination of our most popular angular templates. You will also find dozens of plugins and literally thousands of pages, UI components, fonts and icons.

WrapPixel’s Angular Templates: Some Examples

We recommend you spend some time looking through the specifications and playing with the various live demos before selecting the Angular admin dashboard template free download that is right for your project. The closer the template matches your project brief, the less customization you will need to make (even though customization is incredibly quick and easy with Angular).


The Adminwrap Angular 5/CLI template includes four demos presented in three dashboard variations, 100 different pages and more than 50 components to add and customize. These include various charts and graphs; widgets; tables; forms; cards; buttons; unlimited colors (six pre-defined color palettes); Material icons; icon sets from Font Awesome, Themify and Linea; weather and flag icons; megamenu, lightbox, range slider, Summernote (a JavaScript library for building WYSIWYG editors) and much more.

Elite Angular

Elite Angular is a fully responsive Angular 5/CLI template featuring five demos in three dashboard variations, more than 200 different pages and over 50 components like those mentioned in the example above.


Another fully responsive Angular 5/CLI template, AdminPro offers five demos, three dashboard variations and an amazing 250 plus demo pages. Over 30 components are included in this product.

As you can see, there is plenty of value included within all of these packages with the differences between them often down to developer preference and the specific project brief. Full documentation is provided with a year’s worth of support for backup (not available with the free Lite versions).

What is an Extended Use License?

You may have noticed an extended use license option and been wondering how that might benefit your business. Whereas a standard multiple use license will enable you to create as many one-off commercial websites and landing pages as you like, an extended use license permits you to create one software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for which end users can be charged. Examples of popular SaaS products include Salesforce, Slack and Box. So if you have an idea for a SaaS business, you can get set up for a few hundred dollars (please note, you are not permitted to use the templates to create page builders or package them for resale).

So whether you are a bedroom hobbyist looking for a free, high quality admin dashboard for a personal project; a commercial web developer needing to quickly produce an impressive admin area for one or more clients or an entrepreneur wanting to set up repeat business via an SaaS application, WrapPixel will have something to meet your needs.