WrapPixel is delivering high-quality Angular Templates for a long. Angular is the typescript-based framework from Google and it’s started to get that exposure and developers around the globe have already started using it. To start from scratch will consume a lot of your efforts while choosing a ready-made template will help you to focus more on the functionality part only. Also, these angular templates come with great visual and appealing design, which would be good enough to extract your client’s. Also, WrapPixel took extra care about user experience as well to make sure that it will be easy to use. Here you will list of few top-quality Angular Admin Templates.

AdminPro Angular 12 Admin

This is a great Angular Admin Template based on some opinions from users. It has a powerful Angular /CLI Web App tool. This template offers you the chance to select from the admin dashboard and control panel administration. This admin angular template has a nicely worked framework that has the quality of an angular one. That is a great advantage because it offers flexibility that users can take as something to deal with. The library of this template is written by TypeScript, the library that comes here is a powerful one that can allow you to do several tasks effectively.

Modern apps can be made by using this admin template. This template has more than 250 pages of template, and the angular components of those pages, 30 have that quality. This template includes 3 unique dashboards and it comes with other 5 unique demos. With all these features you can take customization to another level. In this template you can choose light and dark colors to customize your dashboard, in this template you can include a wide variety of widgets or plugins, it also has too many chart options to use. This template has a SaSS and CSS base in language and codes, the landing page of this template is very neat and the dashboards have PSD files. This template is optimized for use on mobile devices.

Elite Angular Admin

In this Elite Angular Admin template, you get an angular template that is based on the Angular 5 / CLL template. The framework of this template is angular in most of its features. In this angular template, you get more than 200 pages of templates to use and it has more than 50 pages that are completely angular. In its system, it has 3 beautiful dashboards and this version has 4 demos to use. You get schemes that range in color from dark and light designs, with this customization is easier done, you can improve the interface of your app and for your back-end template. If that wasn’t enough you can use more than 200 font icons. You can improve the typography of your apps too.

Xtreme Angular 12 Admin

If you want to create a better interface in your app you should consider using this brand-new template. This template is a modification of the Angular /CLI template. This is also the result of an optimization of a modular template. This template has some interesting features, it offers more than 10 dashboards and it includes more than 10 demos, with all of that you can customize better and with more elements. This template has more than 850 pages of templates and 50 are angular ones. You can use 6 different types of color skins. You can select between more than 2000 font icons to get better results for your app and finally we need to consider the task board application, which can make the admin tasks easier to approach.

MaterialPro Angular Admin

This angular dashboard is an interesting one, it is easy to use for users because it is a modification of an Angular /CLI template. You can create interesting back-end templates with this one, you can optimize your tools to create a powerful back-end interface. This template is embedded with UI elements, those elements can be used to speed things up. This template has Google’s Material Design so that you can take advantage of one tool that has been used for professionals and with one of the best companies in the world. Customization can be done easily with this angular template and the outcomes that are generated are incredibly interesting. This Material Pro Angular Admin template comes with more than 200 pages of template which more than 40 have elements of angular designs. It includes 6 color skins and it has more than 2000 font icons to use. Therefore this is one of the best admin templates download right now.

AdminWrap Angular Dashboard

This AdminWrap Angular template is a modification of a template of Angular / CLI WebApp. You can select between using this template as admin dashboard and controller of admin panels as this is one of the best simple admin panel template HTML downloads. This template has more than 100 pages of templates and half of it is angular pages, that’s 50 pages. You get 3 dashboards embedded in this template and you can select up to 4 demos. The interface of your apps can look better by using this marvelous angular template.