Web technologies are continually evolving to meet the demands of the millennial and savvy customer base. Customers are increasingly particular about the user interfaces of the websites and apps they use, they need to load instantly, be clutter-free, visually appealing, and informative to stand a chance. Designers and Developers are often faced with the task of creating such interfaces in days or even hours instead of dedicating the months of research required, in such a scenario instead of trading off on quality, it’s better to go the template route. 

Running a business today requires a strong online presence, the basis of which starts from developing a strong website. A website dashboard is the first thing people see in a web application. It’s essential that your dashboard design should be intuitive and easy to use for all your users. If you’re strapped for time and looking for a plug-and-play solution, Angular Admin templates on the web are your best bet. 

While CMS like WordPress can be the answer to basic website development, Angular Admin Themes are the answer to more complex business needs that require heavy customizations. Admin templates are like ready-to-use pages and elements that can be tweaked and modified and pushed for production quickly to make your product development lifecycle more efficient. You can rely on admin templates to speed up your development and help save time and money. 

Angular has time and again updated its algorithms to keep up with the features of these browsing platforms and is currently dominating any discussion on frameworks related to JavaScript. The fact it’s been launched by Google launched Angular makes it a safe choice for everyone as you can be assured of regular updates and great compatibility. Even larger companies are increasingly choosing the Angular way as it easily gets integrated with other frameworks like Ionic, Wijmo, Telerik’s Kendo UI, and others.

We’ve compiled a list of top paid and Free Angular Admin Templates available on the web to help you create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing backends in minutes, to keep up with your painstakingly designed frontends. 

Bonus Tip: All our Templates have been Upgraded to Angular 12!

Angular 12 has undergone a sea of dynamic changes if you compare the current version with its very first version of Angular JS. It has drastically improved for better user experience and performance. After the update, all the templates are expected to work even faster and be super convenient to browse on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 

Xtreme Angular 12 Admin Lite (Free)

The free version of one of our best-selling Angular Admin Templates. The lite version is a delightfully simple yet powerful template setup boasting Angular 7 & 8 version compatibility. It comes with several unique Dashboard options equipped with angular components and loads of compatible widgets, In the lite version, you get 7+ page templates, 10+ UI components, Google Maps compatibility, and SaSS base CSS. The Xtreme Angular 12 admin lite dashboard is built with the latest responsive design. It can be customized and tweaked easily to create first-class backends for your passion projects. In case you want to use it for commercial projects, you can upgrade to the full version for just $39.

Nice Admin Angular Lite (Free)

One of the most powerful Angular 12 admin templates out there, capable of handling the most complex data visualization challenges. The best part about this template is that it is entirely free for one to access and use and is based on an open-source project. It is super intuitive and easy to use and works amazingly well for any admin site or dashboard. Designed to be lightning-fast, the template can help you build a modern and sophisticated user interface for your product without sacrificing performance. With this Angular Admin Template, you can enjoy features like 10+ UI components, 7+ pages template, and SaSS based CSS even in the free version. 

Nice Admin Angular 12

The Premium version of the template has elaborate and useful features that let you craft and design the perfect website in a matter of minutes. It’s versatile and flexible enough to work for a wide range of industries such as Banking, Crypto, Healthcare, or Insurance, which handles a huge amount of user data. The template comes with 6 color schemes, a custom colored sidebar, more than 90 template variants, 100+ UI components, a huge number of widgets, table examples, easy customizations, eCommerce pages, and more than 2000 font icons.

Xtreme Angular 12 Admin

A super sleek, modern, and classy Admin Dashboard Template based on Angular 12/ CLI admin. This Angular admin template brings with it a mega-collection of graphic elements including 2000+ graphic icons, lots of table options, 6 color schemes, etc. Just plug and play, you can create thousands of UI variations and keep tweaking to help master your use case. The Xtreme admin is the perfect template for backend, CMS or CRM, admin panels, and project management systems.

Elite Angular 12 Lite (Free)

Elite Angular 12 Lite boasts high-quality pre-built dashboard components with customized plugins. It’s a goodie bag of amazing design treats that come together to create the perfect user interface.  The lite version of the template offers basic table examples, 10+ UI components, 7+ page templates, and fully responsive pages. The best part is that it’s completely free for personal use, you can test out every last component till you’re sure it fits your needs perfectly. 

AdminWrap Angular 12 Theme

This hassle-free admin dashboard template is made with NgBootstrap 4 and offers ready-to-use page components. This Angular Admin Template functions as a fully responsive template with 200+ page templates, 100+ UI components, a wide range of widgets, and 3000+ font icons for complete optimization. It’s the template of choice, especially when it comes to working with complex data visualization as it has ample Charts and Table options to help spice up those plain jane numbers. The template has a SaSS base CSS and allows you to upload multiple files along with offering you detailed documentation and dedicated support.

Elite Angular 12 Admin

This Premium Angular 12 Admin Dashboard Template comes with 250+ page templates and is made with NgBootstrap 4. You also get to choose between dark and light sidebar, multiple widgets, 3000+ icons, a variety of charts options, 3 level drop-down menu, and a host of other attractive features that let anyone work with competence even without any prior coding experience.

Mega Bundle Angular

Mega Bundle Angular is a bundle of 6 vibrant angular admins. With this ultimate Angular kit, you get 6 Premium Angular Admin Templates + 140 PSD Templates (PSD Bundle – Free). It’s one of the most exhaustive Angular resources available on the web and perfect for agencies or freelancers who have a number of Angular projects lined up. 

AdminPro Angular 12 Lite

The most sophisticated Free Angular 12 Template is available online. This tried and tested

template has thousands of downloads and has been lauded for its clean and minimalist aesthetic. Even though it’s a free template it boasts of 7+ template pages, SaSS based

CSS, fully responsive pages, and 10+ UI components.

AdminPro Angular 12 Admin

With AdminPro Angular 12 Admin you get to enjoy all the premium features of the AdminPro Angular 12 Lite version. With this template, you can get dark and light sidebar options for that sought-after night mode aesthetic. You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are more than 250-page templates to choose from. There’s also a huge bundle of UI components including a wide choice of widgets, more than 3000 icons, example pages, drop-down menus, and more. 

MaterialPro Angular 12 Lite (Free)

The MaterialPro Angular 12 Lite comes with a clean design with great color options inspired by Google’s material design principles. Your backend is taken care of with its rich variety of 7+ template pages each designed to stand out from the crowd. The free version boasts 10+ UI component, fully responsive pages, and a SaSS based CSS. 

Connect Plus Angular Admin Template

Connect Plus Angular is a fully responsive template featuring a carefully crafted and neatly designed dashboard.

Paper Dashboard Pro Angular

Paper Dashboard PRO Angular is a simple and beautiful Bootstrap admin dashboard with a large number of components. If you are looking for a tool to manage and visualize data about your business, this dashboard is the thing for you. It combines colors that are easy on the eye, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and different type of charts. Paper Dashboard PRO Angular comes packed with all plugins that you might need inside a project and documentation on how to get started. It is light and easy to use, and also very powerful. It was built on top of Google’s Angular Framework and the HTML version of Paper Dashboard Pro.

Sing App Angular

Sing App Angular Template is a fully-featured responsive admin template built with Angular 8 and Bootstrap 4. It comes with hundreds of well-designed UI components, pages, elements, and widgets. Sing App Angular can be used to create SASS web apps, dashboards, CRM, CMS, E-Commerce apps, etc.

MaterialPro Angular 12 Admin

The MaterialPro Angular 12 Admin is a premium Angular-based template that comes with superior features perfect for any business website or application. Carefully curated, the live demos that come bundled in the pack serve as the perfect inspiration for you to design your project. It comes with 4 color schemes with dark and light sidebars. There are more than 250-page templates, around 25 angular components, lots of widgets, font icons, charts, and table examples. With this template, you also get a validation form, regular updates, and lifetime dedicated support and updates.

Monster Angular Lite (Free)

In this monster bundle of amazingness, you’ll find all the tools you need to create an excellent backend dashboard. What’s even better, it’s completely free for personal use. 

With this free template, you will get an impressive and responsive design to work on with a great choice of colors. Along with this, you also get 7+ page templates, 10+ UI components, fully responsive pages, and SaSS base CSS.

Monster Angular 12 Admin

The true monster when it comes to Angular templates, it’s one of the most impressive user interfaces ever compiled, with excellent data visualization capabilities. With Monster Angular 12 Admin you get 6 predefined color schemes, dark and light sidebar options, more than 200-page templates, multiple widgets, more than 2000 font icons, a 3-level drop-down menu,s and the facility to upload multiple files. The template is made with NgBootstrap 4 with a fully responsive layout. The CSS is written SaSS Base and comes with easy customization options and a dedicated support facility.