React is one of the fastest growing frameworks in recent years that has a strong and passionate developer community behind it. Some of the biggest tech giants worldwide have adopted React for their products due to its versatility and scalability. This list includes marquee firms such as Netflix, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Salesforce, Uber and many more. Even leading leading content platforms such as CNN and The New York Times have chosen React for their website architecture.

So, it’s quite clear that React is definitely a framework that you should be considering to build you web apps and websites. However, coding an entire React website from scratch can prove to be a challenge especially if you don’t have a talented team of developers to back you. It can also become really expensive to code from scratch as talented designers and developers can charge a fortune for their time.

If you’re running a Bootstrapped business with shoestring budgets it makes sense to go for a React template rather than building from the ground up. We have curated a list of the best ReactJS templates from across the web to help you get your project off the ground.

Each of these React Redux templates have carefully assessed by our developers across parameters of functionality, performance and aesthetics. You can rest assured that every single one of these React themes are in keeping with the latest trends in terms of design as well as user experience.

Implementing these templates will enable you to design the best possible admin dashboard and it will ensure enhanced performance from your website. Additionally, it will also impress your visitors and create a very enjoyable on-site experience for your users.

AdminPro React Redux Admin 

The first React Redux Admin template in our list is the AdminPro React Redux Admin, which gives you extensive access to premium tools which help you gain instant and complete visibility over the performance of your web application.

With the AdminPro React Redux Admin in your arsenal, your journey towards developing the best-in-class web applications will become much easier. But that’s not all. Apart from helping you build the best applications, the clean minimalist React dashboards built into this template allows you to track everything related to the performance of your web- app.

Additionally, as the AdminPro React Redux Admin template comes with 6 pre defined colour options, it’s easier than ever to choose the perfect colour palette that suits your application’s persona. 

Now, let’s talk about the scope of customization, when it comes to crafting web experiences there’s no one ‘one size fits all’ solution. AdminPro provides a wide range of premium demos and layouts for your website’s headers, sidebars, and footers so that you can tweak your user experience to meet your product needs. The cherry on the top is that the template is designed to be responsive and render perfectly on all kinds of screens, so you don’t need to have to take additional development effort to optimize them for mobile. 

The best part is that AdminPro React Redux comes packages with React’s Firebase Integration with API that enables you to build apps much faster, without having to manage the infrastructure yourself. The template comes fully equipped with different analytics measures, along with database features, messaging features and crash reporting features.

What else do you need to build a responsive application that doesn’t compromise on performance?

What’s included? 

  • 6+ Predefined Color Schemes
  • Colored / Dark / Light Sidebar
  • 250+ Page Templates
  • 65+ UI Components
  • Lots of Widgets
  • Reactstrap/li>
  • 2000+ Font Icons
  • Fully Responsive
  • SaSS Base CSS
  • Easy to Customize
  • Lots of Chart Options
  • Firebase Login
  • Lots of Table Example
  • Validation Forms
  • Calendar Design
  • Gallery Options

MaterialPro React Redux Admin 

The perfect admin panel dashboard is the one that helps you to identify the items that you need to action urgently. MaterialPro’s React dashboard template is designed according to Material design principles and has a clean, minimalist UI that enables you to make quick business decisions. 

The MaterialPro React Redux Admin helps you build a scalable and highly polished admin system that’s elegant and designed to deliver high performance. The template is built using a mobile-first approach that allows you to design mobile responsive applications; enabling you to use the dashboard without any glitches on your smartphones and tablets.

The MaterialPro React JS theme has been built to support cross-browser compatibility. No matter which browser you use Opera, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, you can access your dashboard without any worries. It also comes bundled with a host of features and several widgets which improve web performance and helps the websites built on the template load with lightning speed. 

Whether you are looking to design mobile applications or websites, CMS/CRM or Admin Panels, Material Pro is the perfect template to adopt right away for improved performance.

What’s included?

  • 6 Ready to use color schemes.
  • More than 250 page templates.
  • 2000+ premium font icons.
  • Fully responsive Bootstrap 4 Framework.
  • Lots of tables available.
  • Easy to customize templates.
  • Huge collection of chart & graphs.
  • Firebase login tools for developing amazing apps.
  • Customizable validation forms.
  • Comprehensive calendar application.
  • Unlimited gallery options for showcasing your products.

Purple React Admin Template 

Purple is a unique and trendy admin template that serves as a perfect starting point for complex web development projects.

Argon PRO React Native 

Argon PRO React Native is a fully coded app template built over, React Native and Expo to allow you to create powerful and beautiful e-commerce mobile applications. We have redesigned all the usual components in Galio to make it look like our argon design, minimalistic and easy to use. Start your development with a badass Argon UI Kit for React Native inspired by Argon Design System. If you like our Argon Design System, you will love this react native app template! It features a huge number of components and screens built to fit together and look amazing.

Light Blue React Node.js 

Light Blue React Node.js is React template integrated with Node.js backend and PostgreSQL. This dashboard template is a great start if you are building E-Commerce apps, CMS, SASS web apps, CRM, etc. since it contains ready-to-use working Authentication, Social Login and Product Management components. All you need to do is to deploy the app and start using it!


As the name suggests, CleanUI React template offers you the cleanest dashboard experience. The template comes built with systems that make monitoring real-time data, an easy affair; even for someone who has very limited web development knowledge.

In simple terms, anyone who has a basic knowledge of web development, can utilize this React JS template to its complete potential; and do so without experiencing any problems. This means that development using this template is extremely easy, not only for experts, but also amateur web enthusiasts. As a result, the entire experience with this template is extremely hassle-free and enjoyable.

There are multiple versions of the CleanUI template available in the online marketplace. They are built using the Create-React-App-Seed, Create-React-App, UmiJS-Seed, UmiJS, Html-Laravel, Html, and Landing templates.

The template is designed to be fully responsive, completely seamless and well-organized, across different devices and browsers. Being an extremely chic and powerfully-designed product, this particular dashboard template allows you to conduct the most complicated web experiments. This, without worrying about poor performance on account of implementation of heavy-duty applications.

Jumbo React

The Jumbo React Native theme creates an intuitive dashboard experience, which is also easy to scale. Jumbo is a React redux template based on a material design concept that brings to you a clean, professional and minimalistic design. 

Consisting of 7 dashboards, the Jumbo React Admin template comes with more than 300 components, 150+ widgets and a host of tools which help you design the best interface possible.

This particular template gives you access to a premium range of tools, which opens up unlimited opportunities for you to take your web application to the next level. The template also gives you access to more than 130 designed pages along with six distinctive navigational styles. There are an equal number of built-in apps, ready to improve the aesthetic appeal of your application.

Gogo React

If you are passionate about building web products that people love to use, you would probably appreciate this React JS template’s ability to render applications very quickly and sans the challenges. If that’s the case, you will be completely impressed by the features that the Gogo React template has to offer.

When it comes to the overall page loading time, Gogo React minimizes the time taken for pages to load. This in turn enhances the performance of your application.

What makes Gogo React stand out from its competitors is its unique blend of effective coding, excellent design and extensive attention to detail. This particular template comes with four different dashboards, three applications and numerous premium components. The template consists of multiple structures and layouts, which ensure the application remains clean, works seamlessly and offers optimal functionality.

When it comes to the availability of different colour combinations, the Gogo React template offers you ten different colour palettes to choose from. Each colour variant you get access to, is available in both light and dark versions. This ensures that you get the most value from your professional template design.

What’s included? 

  • Superfine charts
  • Awesome layout
  • Smart menu
  • + many more


In case you are searching for a tool that can build an excellent admin dashboard that is extremely responsive and very dynamic; the EasyDev React native theme is the one to choose. With EasyDev, you get access to 6 different dashboard styles and the entire template is built on cutting-edge Bootstrap 4 framework and the React redux platform.

EasyDev is one of the most unique React Bootstrap templates on the market and they stand on-par with all the other templates we have mentioned in this mega-list. Besides having a clean outlook, this particular template is enabled with clean code and detailed documentation that empowers both hobbyists and serious developers to bring about impressive transformations to their web applications.

It’s highly developer-friendly features allow you to make the exact changes you need to improve your web application’s performance. Additionally, the EasyDev React website template is much easier to maintain, compared to other templates. This makes the template a darling of all web developers.

Users can now experiment with the different layout variants, while playing around with the multiple theme options that come built into this particular template. The template comes with a whopping 300+ UI components as well as more than 100 React pages. This opens up vast possibilities in front of you as a developer, as far as the improvement in your web application’s design is concerned.


Like its name suggests, this particular React template makes your website an online fortress, protected from harmful malware and cyber-attacks. It does this by implementing various developmental measures, with the aim to bring superior web solutions to the table.

What makes this particular React responsive template distinctive compared to its counterparts, is its ability to help you in developing SEO-friendly mobile applications. The main focus of this template is on enhancing the performance of your dashboard. It’s worth noting that the entire application has been built  on React Boilerplate; a platform which provides maximum options for application scalability and security.

With the Fortress React Admin template, the entire task of end-to-end app management has become much easier. The Fortress template brings amazing features in the form of highly efficient UI elements, which ensure that you create an extremely memorable experience for your website visitor. You get complete freedom to customize the template as per your expectations and choose a palette, which matches your express needs.

Fortress also brings to the table the following developer-friendly features:

  • Wonderful charts,
  • Tables,
  • Navigational tabs 
  • + many more

Material Design

Material Design is one of the most popular, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard templates that has been built using React and Bootstrap. This dashboard template is rich in extensive features, which ensure you get a clean, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing design.

The template offers a plethora of colouring options, with a massive pool consisting of more than 18 predefined colour schemes, that are available in both light and dark themes.

Not only does the template allow you to design mobile-responsive websites, but the template itself can be used on the mobile platform. In fact, this is Material Design’s biggest advantage – it can be managed across numerous devices without having its performance and efficiency compromised.  

The Material Design React template brings forward a plethora of possibilities, that are supported by a ton of material components. These components are ready-to-be used to build a state-of-the-art dashboard with minimum effort.

Enlite Prime

This particular React redux template allows you to track your business goals, without putting in too much effort. It has a proven history of enhancing the performance of websites, thanks to its list of super-premium components and features. Additionally, the template is equipped with multiple colour palettes, with each of the colours coming with light and dark variants.

The particular template offers numerous map styles such as:

  • Map markers
  • Map with a search box
  • Traffic indicator
  • Street view
  • +many more

Datta Able

The main motto of this premium React template, is to enable you to track key data in an efficient and effortless manner. This React JS template comes with a clear and clean interface and 6 amazing dashboard variants which you can use according to your project requirements.

The Datta Able template bundle is best suited for those who wish to develop e-commerce setups or CRM facilities. This template is also perfect to build data heavy applications such as Analytics web apps, crypto applications and other such data heavy apps that require extensive monitoring and tracking.